Making a railroad field weld

Entrepreneur, Michael Burcham, once asked of a young intern “What do you do well?”

It’s a great question for a business to ask of itself, too.

We sat down and looked at it, and suddenly, we understood a lot better what we ought to be doing.

Railroad construction and maintenance seems pretty specific, but there are actually many aspects to the railroad.

So here’s a list of some of the things we’ve done lately:


Pre-Cast Concrete Railroad Grade Crossings

Cross Tie Replacement

Rail Replacement

Concrete-Embedded Track Renovations

In-Track Grain Hopper Installation


Field Welds

That’s a short list of the larger scope of projects we’re adept at doing.

“What do you do well?”

Installing precast concrete panels at a railroad grade crossing

And here’s what you’ll find us doing almost daily after an inspection from the Roadmaster or Track Inspector that nets one of our clients a 30-day notice or a shut down – because sometimes things just break:broken-rail-on-job-site-soon-to-be-recylced

Open Gage

Cross Elevation in Track

Broken or Worn Rail

Broken Joint Bars & Bolts

Stripped Joints

Bucked Track

Yes. We’re pretty good at a number of things, but this is only a small part of what’s involved in railroad construction and maintenance. There’s still signals and the handling of the locomotives and cars, but we’ll stick with the track work, thank you very much.

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